WWR027 – Muddy Rainbow

A powerful live session recorded at periscope studios. UMEME mixes live instruments with heavy electronics, a mix of acid electro supported by intense percussive rhythms dragged by the beat of a human drum machine. There is no other machine used for this performance other than percussion, drums and synths, all purely live & stomping with a pinch of psychedelics.

Acid, Techno, Percussive Live Act.

UMEME originates out of the love for analog electronics and African rhythms. Over the course of countless nocturnal jam sessions, they found a striking way to fuse these two extremes through acid, house, and techno.

UMEME, aka the Swahilian thunderbolt, shows you that a machine can be alive and on fire.

Droning out intense rhythms with colorful overlays of synth and percussion. You might think that what you hear has to be robotic, with beats no man should be able to produce himself, but all are live created.

Danielle Labbate
Bas Bouma
Yannick van ter Beek