WWR004 – Wujudek

Record Tracklist

  1. -:-- / 1:30
  2. -:-- / 1:30
  3. -:-- / 1:30
  4. -:-- / 1:30

Zaed Naes from Amman, Jordan are crafting a unique space in the Middle Eastern underground scene for the past few years. With slithery melodies and groovy whirling synths Zaed Naes’ soulful side is laced with strange stretches of jangle pop, slippery grooves, crazy catchy melodies, and twinkling harmonics.

Dark and moody, but also playful and fun with lugubrious smokey and murky downtempo dirges their music shuffles from acid jazz to wild and wooly funk to cinematic soundscapes.

Developing and crafting their unique sound the band has been working in a collaborative manner with a slew of guest vocalists from Tunisia, Egypt and Jordan and has been recording singles the past year and a half unleashing them to an ever increasing wider audience.

We are porud to bring to you this very first official release by Zaed Naes.