WWR001 – Never Say Never

Record Tracklist

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Z-Projects evolved around the songs of singer songwriter Zuleyha Geels and four professional musicians; Selim Sert who wrote the music partitions and plays the keyboards, Emrah Yılmaz on guitar, Mustafa Telli on drums and Murat Görken on bass.

Most of the preparation for the recording was done through the sending to and fro of home recordings as Zuleyha and Murat live out in the countryside and Selim, Emrah and Mustafa are all actively playing in several bands with Istanbul as base.

The EP was recorded in a mere three days time benifiting from the fact that all band members have spent many hours on stage together while playing in other bands at various stages of their careers. This helped create a warm and familiar atmosphere during the recordings.

It was a first recording experience for Zuleyha though, who spent four months practicing an hour a day singing out loud in her car while driving to work.

This EP is meant to give a taste of the album that is planned for the near future.

Vocals Zuleyha Geels
Guitars Emrah Yılmaz
Rhodes Selim Sert
Bass guitar Murat Görken
Drums Mustafa Telli
Percussion Hüseyin Cebeci
Saxophone Güney Ekren

All song arrangements by Selim Sert
Recorded at Hayyam Studios İstanbul